ClearMind Creations is a BRAND NEW Design & Development Company that specializes in Company Branding, Website Design & Development. We use Industry Leading Technology & Processes to ensure your website and brand stays ontop of the competition. All while retaining a secure and long lasting relationship with your customers. Our #1 priority will always be your success and satisfaction.

Our passion lays within creativity, problem solving and helping people. By starting ClearMind Creations, we are able to combine all of those attributes into one. We promise the ClearMind process is unlike any other, we bring TRUE passion & dedication. We may be just getting started, but we sure aren’t going anywhere soon. If you’re interested and would like to read about our past projects, click the button below!


Before BBQVille Canada became to be, they were more famously known as Airdrie Canvas. Tony Gize from Airdrie Canvas was looking to create a brand dedicated to providing high quality BBQ products at a competitive price. This helped with seperating the product list, while providing a more efficient and organized salesflow.

It was extremely fun working with Tony & his team. Working on this project allowed the opportunity to learn the new LightspeedHQ software, construct 99% of the content, exercised various skills such as HTML, CSS, Photoshop & Illustrator AND data entry of over 300 products in under a WEEK.


Do you want an inside look on how this website was designed, prototyped and developed?! That would be pretty cool wouldn’t it? That’s exactly why we are showcasing it as one of our case studies.

The ClearMind website case study gives us the opportunity to showcase the golden standards and processes of design and development. Not only that but is a prime example of the time, effort and research that is put into designing and developing ANY website.

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